Save Money

Here’s How I Can Help You Save £Thousands On The Cost Of Your Wedding…

I Will Show You How To Save Up To 50% Of The Cost Of Many Aspects Of Your Wedding Party…

Let’s be honest, wedding parties can be very expensive. The Independent put the average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2018 at £30,355. Harper’s Bazaar putting the average cost of a London wedding at an eye-watering £46,000 with 4% of couples spending more than £100,000.

Of course, we all want to make our wedding party special and as the planning starts to take shape you may find areas of expenditure that you hadn’t thought of originally. Sometimes you read or hear about an idea that makes you think “I would like that”. That’s when the budget starts to stretch towards breaking point.

So what do you do…
1. Borrow the money, thinking you are only going to get married once (more)!
2. Go without and regret it for the rest of your life.
3. Skimp and scrap the budget and do everything on the cheap – the worst option.
4. Have a word with parents and see if they will stump up some of your inheritance early.

Well actually there is another, much better way, and this is what I want to tell you about now. You can save 10%, 25% or even 50% on many of the aspects of your wedding, here’s how…

I belong to a trade association called Bartercard, you can find out more about Bartercard here for now, it is sufficient to say members swop (Barter) goods and services with each other and are happy to do so.

On Bartercard no real money actually changes hands, we pay and are paid with a currency called Trade Pounds (T£). I often perform on Barter and have built up quite a surplus of T£. I would like to spend those Trade Pounds to help you pay for services you want and need for your wedding. I will offer you a discount of either 10%, 25% or even 50% off the normal price you would pay.

You can arrange just about anything you want for your wedding party through the Bartercard system and can save up to 50% off the normal cash price.

I have specially selected a group of top-notch professionals, I call them my ‘wedding partners’, who are willing to work for you with me paying their account for you on Bartercard. After your wedding, if you are off the scale pleased with what they do for you, you pay me. You don’t pay for the service until after your wedding and only then if you are entirely happy with the people you and I arrange for you.

Here’s a list of the types of businesses available through my Wedding Partner program.

You may be wondering why I am happy to work on Bartercard and not be paid real money. The answer is simple, I love my work, and use Bartercard as my shop window. At nearly every wedding I perform at, I meet people who enjoy what I do and subsequently book me for their weddings and other events.

To find out exactly what I can do for you personally or call me on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 or direct on 01737-350586

In short, the more I do for you personally with my magic, the more discount I will offer you from the fees charged by my Wedding Partners.

You can start small and then upgrade if you wish. You might start with a very low-cost service, say for an hour during your wedding reception or looking after the children during the speeches, that might be as low as £300, this will give you a 10% discount from my Wedding Partner fees. You can choose as many wedding partners as you wish, there is no limit.

You then speak to them and see what they can offer, what they would charge etc. Of course, you can take references, meet them, talk on the phone, visit websites etc just as you would with any other supplier. If you like them and would like to book them then simply call us on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 or 01737-350586 and we will arrange to pay them. After your wedding, so long as you are 100% happy with them, you pay us, less your discount of course.

If you find (and you probably will) that you can do business with a number of my Wedding Partners – remember there is no limit, then you may wish to upgrade your package with me. In short, the more you spend with me the larger the discount you will get from fees charged by my Wedding Partners. You can get up to a whopping 50% discount and many of my clients do.

There is also no limit on the amount you can save, you could save thousands of pounds. Now wouldn’t that make life easier?

Here’s how to get the ball rolling…..

You can either go here To find out exactly what I can do for you personally to see what I can offer you. Treat my suggestions like a buffet table of ideas and only pick the parts you like. If you prefer please give me a call on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 or direct on 01737-350586 and let’s have a chat on the phone.

Once you book, simply tell us which of my Wedding Partners interest you and we will arrange for them to contact you or give you their details if you prefer.

One More Thing, This Is Very Important

Everything you book through me is covered by my 100% guarantee of satisfaction, here it is for you…..

It is important to me that you have a truly fantastic time on your wedding day, that everything goes just as you planned it and so I insist on giving you this 100% guarantee of satisfaction…

If for any reason whatsoever, or even no reason at all, you do not agree that every professional you arrange through my Wedding Partner program has acted in a truly professional manner, has delivered at least as much as they promised, you will usually find they will do that little bit more, that they treat your guests with courtesy and respect and you are absolutely delighted that you booked them, then simply tell me on the night and I will cancel their bill and you will owe nothing.

Simply put you must be 100% happy with all that they do for you or they are free.

On this fully guaranteed basis, I urge you to pick up the phone and call me on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 or direct on 01737-350586 and let’s see what is right for you.

You have nothing to lose and a massive saving to gain, so what are you waiting for?

May I offer you my warmest congratulations on your forthcoming marriage and look forward to helping you make your wedding day truly magical, without it breaking the bank.

My very best wishes
Clive Hyams
Master Magical Entertainer

P.S. There is one downside to this and it would be dishonest not to tell you….whilst at the time of writing I have quite a high balance on my Bartercard account, it won’t last forever and like any other currency, once it is spent it is spent. So I urge you not to delay and call me right away on FREEPHONE 0800-0188118 or direct on 01737-350586 I look forward to helping you make your wedding day a truly magical occasion.

P.P.S. As a small thank you for reading this page, here is a funny video for you to enjoy. She is not one of my photographers I am pleased to say…


Not one of my photographers, but this may bring a smile to your face.