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Here I’ll Show You How To Guarantee Your Wedding Party is The Funniest, Most Magical and Memorable Occasion We Both Want It To Be, Without Breaking The Bank…  

Here’s Exactly How My Wedding Magic Can Work For You…

Dear Wedding Party Arranger,

Your wedding day is obviously special for you and your family, but for some of your guests, it will be ‘just another wedding’ unless you do something to make it special and memorable for them too.

It is not the things you do the same as everyone else that makes your wedding day special, it’s what you do differently and better that makes it stand out.

I guarantee to have your guests’ gasp in amazement as I magically change cards whilst they are being held tightly in your guests’ hands, or coins jump from hand to hand whilst the audience are firmly holding my wrists, all while laughing out loud at the barrage of one-liners, banter, and jokes that makes my magic so much fun.

I have performed at over 1,100 wedding parties in my time and have 100’s of positive reviews and testimonials. Your guests will talk about my magic years after your wedding, I know, because many clients mention this to me when booking again, sometimes years later, for other events.

Reception Magic
During the reception, guests often congregate into small groups. My style of magic is lots of banter, fun, and laughter with your guests. The magic fries their brains and knocks their socks off, but when I leave their overriding memory will be, “that was great fun, I have no idea how he did it, but I don’t care”. I carefully select the right effects to perform for each group from my huge repertoire of material, using honed people skills and lots of experience. I often invite adjoining groups to join the one I am working for and I leave them talking about what they have just seen. I guess their conversation goes on after I leave.

It is important that I work as part of the team with other wedding professionals. So, for instance, if your photographer needs people from the group I am working for, I don’t hold things up. Happy smiling guests are delivered quickly to wherever they are required. I also make friends with the children, turning older children into the stars of the show. They think they are making the magic happen and I do nothing to dispel this moment of real magic for them. With younger children, I make their tummy squeak, they can’t do it but I can, they love the fun!

The Bridesmaids Enjoy Some of My Magic

Wedding Breakfast Magic
My style changes a little here, this magic is hands-off, so your guests can eat and watch at the same time, they don’t have to put their knife and fork down. However, the personality is still the same, with lots of banter, jokes, and one-liners to keep the fun and laughter going whilst performing the most baffling feats that defy science and logic. I ensure that adjoining tables don’t see the same show. You always know where I am in the room by the laughter and applause. I continue to build the relationship with the children in a number of ways to make the party fun for them too.

Everyone Enjoys The Fun and MagicClive Hits a Funny Bone Again


Money Magic Can Be So Much Fun

Happy Couple Magic
I have a special magical effect for the happy couple, a truly stunning piece of magic and I ensure the photographer knows exactly when to take that all-important photo that many couples keep in pride of place for the rest of their lives.

That Look of Total Disbelief, I Love It

The Same Moment on a Different Day

Before your wedding toasts and speeches, I’ll take the children to a special place and make balloon models for them. I have an entertaining way of performing this that keeps the children riveted to me for the duration. After the speeches, I take the children back to their parents, each one the proud owner of a different balloon of their choice. When it comes to wedding speeches children don’t understand the jokes and being with me is so much more fun for them than being told to sit down and be quiet again.

Change Over Magic
Between the Wedding Breakfast and the evening party, there is often a period of time whilst the venue staff turn the room into one suitable for dancing. I can certainly help this time pass quickly by switching back into my mix and mingle mode of magic, similar to the drinks reception, but of course with different magic. This turns a potentially boring bit into something that looks and feels like it was a planned part of the party.

More Change Over Fun

Special Wedding Game
I have a special game based on Mr and Mrs which is great fun to play if the happy couple are a slightly outgoing couple. The game usually takes about 12 minutes and ends with all your guests on or very near the dance floor when I handover to your DJ or band for that all-important first dance.

Evening Guests Magic
These guests mustn’t be overlooked, as I often come up in conversation with the guests who have been part of the earlier festivities. So whenever they are not on the dance floor I will make sure they experience some of my magic too, no one is left out.

Not everyone at your party will enjoy dancing. Most people dance to some things and not at other things but some try to avoid the dance floor altogether. I may find your non-dancing guests at a table, in the bar, or wherever they are and I’ll be there for them. They ask me all sorts of questions…

• Can I repeat an effect I performed earlier.
• Repeat something they have seen another magician perform.
• Show them how to cheat at cards.
• I also perform Mind Reading, Palm Reading, Thought Control, and much more.

I don’t have a set, I just go with the flow and see where they want to go.

Magic Happens In His Hands

My performance here does not compete with your dancing, it complements it. I don’t draw big crowds and guests are not allowed to pull other guests from the dance floor to come and watch me. It makes your non-dancing guests feel they haven’t been forgotten just because dancing is not their thing, and that something special has been laid on for them.

TIP: Don’t dismiss this section lightly, some clients feel it is the most important contribution I make to their party.

Why you should consider me for your wedding party…
1. Vast experience, over 1,100 weddings under my belt.
2. Highly qualified, Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.
3. I work equally well for children and adults.
4. Immaculately and distinctively dressed in my bright red dress-suit.

5. I work sections of your party, not time slots so you don’t have to worry if you run late or early.

6. I offer a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction, see below.
7. Professional help and advice before, during, and, if necessary, after your wedding.
8. Huge amount of material so I can accurately match my magic to your guests.
9. I offer interest-free payment terms so you can pay after your wedding in small bite-size amounts.
10. Hundreds of 5-star reviews and other testimonials.

One more thing. It is important you know about this…
It is important to me that you have a truly great time on your special day, so I insist on giving you this 100% guarantee…

If for any reason whatsoever, (or even no reason at all) you are not absolutely ecstatically pleased with everything we do for you if you do not agree that I am the most entertaining magician you have ever seen. That my close-up Reception Magic has all your guests engaged, laughing, and enjoying the fun and magic. That my Table Magic is entertaining and of a very high standard, just as you would expect from a magician who is six times Surrey Close-Up magic champion and holds The Magic Circle’s highest degree. That the feedback from your guests is numerous, enthusiastic, and very positive. That I am the most helpful and obliging chap you have ever dealt with, that I am friendly, approachable, and helpful, and everything goes to your complete satisfaction, then simply tell me on the day and I will cancel your bill and you will not owe me a penny.

Simply put you must be 100% off the scale happy with EVERYTHING I do for you or I will tear up the contract and you will owe me nothing.

There will be no questions or hard feelings either.

Your Investment In Making Your Big Day That Bit More Magical
That is a very good question and depends on a number of factors. I am usually able to break most wedding parties into four sections and the good news is, right now, for weddings booked for this year or next year, I am giving away one of these sections totally free of charge, my early wedding gift to you. Everything becomes crystal clear to both you and me when we talk.

And Finally   
The next stage is for you two and I to have a chat on the phone and find the best wedding party entertainment mix for you, all at a price that won’t break the bank, I promise. There will be absolutely no arm twisting or hard sell and I have an interesting, valuable, and fun free gift for you as a thank you for your time.

Call me on:-
Freephone: 0800-0188118
Office: 01737-350586
Mobile: 07906-876279

Thank you for reading this, your time is very much appreciated.

Magical best wishes
Clive the fun wedding magician

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